25% More Joy: Manny Yekutiel

Streets. They connect us to work, home, school, food and fun. They’re the first thing to greet us when we step into the public sphere. They are tragically too often the last place of life for loved ones due to traffic and street violence. And yet, they continue to hold the splendid diversity of life — first bike rides and playdates, romantic strolls, commutes to work and work itself, art, and celebrations that affirm our identity and belonging.

On 25% More Joy, we’ll hear about why and how communities around the world — and our own neighbors in San Francisco — are taking to their streets to reclaim spaces and time for joy.

25% More Joy | A curious exploration of our streets
Episode 3: Manny Yekutiel of Welcome to Manny’s and on the SFMTA board, we chat about the impact of the Valencia corridor Shared Spaces, and shaping a future after the 2020 Shelter-In-Place.