Internship Opportunities with Livable City

Livable City internships present rewarding opportunities to make San Francisco a more livable and sustainable city, and interns can earn class credit, develop research, writing, public speaking, and advocacy skills, and gain valuable experience for folks applying to schools or seeking careers in the transportation, planning, landscape, and environmental fields.

Livable City works directly with the people who shape city policies, from neighborhood advocates to planners, department heads, commissioners, and elected officials. Livable City internships are a great way to work directly with decision makers, and Livable City internship projects have been the catalyst for changes to official city policies, practices, and projects.

Livable City internship projects are customized to meet interns’ interests, skills, and time availability. Livable City shares an office with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, and projects may involve collaboration with SFBC or partner groups such as Walk San Francisco, SPUR, Neighborhood Parks Coalition, and others. All of our internships are unpaid.

For more information about internship opportunities with Livable City, contact:

Tom Radulovich
415 344-0489