June 2022 election: Livable City recommends yes on Props A and B

On June 7, San Franciscans can take two steps towards a more livable city by supporting propositions A and B on the City ballot. Since private automobiles and buildings are the two largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the City, greening our buildings and our transportation system is essential to meeting our climate goals – and to creating a safer, healthier, and more mobile City for all. Proposition A will invest in better public transit and safer streets. Proposition B will improve the accountability and performance of San Francisco’s Building Inspection Department.

Proposition A is a $400 million bond that will fund better Muni and safer streets. It includes $312 million for Muni – replacing, repairing, and upgrading Muni power and train control systems and maintenance facilities, and improving transit accessibility and reliability. It will invest $88 million in better sidewalks, crosswalks, and cycle paths to make the moving around the City safer and more accessible for everyone. Proposition A’s funding will help the City make progress towards complete streets – streets where walking, cycling, and transit are comfortable, safe, convenient, and accessible, which are greener and foster our health and happiness, and which support public life and community-serving shops and services.

The Building Inspection Department is crucial to making our buildings healthy and safe, improving building sustainability, and meeting our housing goals. Sadly our building department has been rocked by mismanagement and scandal for years. Proposition B will reform how commissioners and the leadership of the building are appointed, to improve accountability of the department’s management and commissioners to elected officials and the public. To meet our climate goals we must make our buildings zero-emission and resource-efficient, and Prop B will permit the appointment of commissioners with expertise in green and low-carbon building.