Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy Statement

Members of the Board of Directors of Livable City and Sunday Streets serve the entire City and County of San Francisco. This Board strives to enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of all members of every San Francisco community. This Board recognizes that structural inequities including racism, ageism, ableism, anti-LGBTQIA, in the United States, in California, and in San Francisco result in unacceptable injustices. These injustices have divided racial and ethnic groups, and neighborhoods, between those that have good access and those that have poor access to wealth, education, employment, entrepreneurial opportunities, adequate safe and affordable housing, child care, health, healthcare, healthy food, clean air, public safety, open space, greenery, transportation, community amenities, cultural spaces and programming, low-stress environments, social cohesion and quality of life. This Board’s mission is to improve access to all of these things throughout the entire city to create a truly livable city.

Livable City’s Board of Directors and staff commit to prioritizing its efforts in neighborhoods of San Francisco with poor access to these things, to help address racial and ethnic injustices and socioeconomic inequities. This Board is proud of the work the staff has done so far towards this priority and it supports increasing staff’s resources devoted to working with groups and programs in Black-, Indigenous-, and Persons of Color-communities and neighborhoods that have historically lacked investment, care, and service. This prioritization of resources should be measurable in the organization’s budget and reportable as a higher proportion of the organization’s work efforts. As a result of this newly stated prioritization of Livable City’s work efforts, this Board invites BIPOC community members to join us on staff and on the Board of Directors.