Livable City Voter Guide – November 6, 2018 general election

Livable City Voter Guide

November 6, 2018 general election


This November, voters have a opportunity to expand affordable housing opportunities and protect vulnerable Californians from homelessness and displacement. We can also invest in, and protect funding for, transportation and clean water infrastructure, environmental restoration, and the arts.

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San Francisco propositions

Yes on Prop A – Seawall bond

Prop A is a general obligation bond to repair and make earthquake-safe San Francisco’s century-old Embarcadero seawall.

Yes on Prop C – Affordable housing
Prop C increases San Francisco’s gross receipts tax on large corporations by 1% to fund homeless services, shelters, and affordable housing.

Yes on Prop E – Arts funding

Proposition E will permanently dedicate a portion (1.5%) of San Francisco’s existing hotel tax to arts and culture programs, including arts in schools.

California propositions

Yes on Prop 1 – Housing bond

Prop 1 is a $4-billion general obligation bond to build and rehab affordable housing, and housing programs for qualifying households and veterans.

Yes on Prop 2 – Homelessness prevention housing

Prop 2 permits the use of existing tax revenues earmarked for mental health to be used to house Californians in need of mental health services.

Yes on Prop 3 – Water bond

Prop 3 is a $8.9 billion general obligation bond to fund water infrastructure, groundwater recharge, storage and dam repairs, watersheds and fisheries, and habitat protection and restoration.

No on Prop 5 – Property tax transfer

Proposition 5 would permit older homeowners to transfer their tax assessments to new properties, regardless of the value of the new property or how many times they have moved.

No on Prop 6 – Transportation funding repeal

Proposition 6 would repeal the state’s 2017 gasoline tax increase which funds highways, roads, public transit, and walking and cycling improvements, and requires that any future gasoline tax changes be approved by a state referendum.

Yes on Prop 10 – Rent control
Permits local governments to enact or amend local rent-control protections for tenants of rental housing by repealing the state Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act.