Livable City’s November 2019 Election Recommendations

Vote for a more livable city in the Tuesday, November 5 San Francisco municipal election! Though the ballot may be short this year, there are still key issue to vote on, from housing to transportation.

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Yes on Proposition A

Proposition A is a $600 million general-obligation bond that funds permanently affordable housing in San Francisco. It provides:

  • $150 million for public housing.
  • $220 million for low-income housing,
  • $60 million for middle-income housing and housing preservation,
  • $150 million for senior housing, and
  • $20 million for educator housing.

Yes on Proposition D

Proposition D establishes a business tax on Uber and Lyft trips in San Francisco, and dedicates the funds to improving Muni, walking and cycling.

Yes on Proposition E

Proposition E amends the City’s Planning Code to streamline planning approval of 100% affordable housing and educator housing, and permit affordable housing and educator housing on sites zoned for Public uses, including public school sites.